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Hi, I’m Paula and I offer babysitting services in the Los Angeles area. I strive to help children stay happy and grow up to be intelligent and well-adjusted. I make my best efforts to help children learn while playing in a safe and supervised environment so they can develop physical, cognitive, and social skills that they will use throughout their lives. I have years of experience working with children in various situations and would be happy to take care of your children.

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Why you should consider getting a babysitter

Getting a babysitter in Los Angeles is a great way to help free up your life and allow you to do all the things that you used to love doing before you had a baby. Sometimes we all need a break, and a baby sitter ensures that you can get care at a moment’s notice and that you can go ahead with your plans without worry.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Why do I need a baby sitter? Can I not just ask a family member or a friend to do it?”

While this may seem the most simple and perhaps safest option at first, there are a few reasons why you may find that you are better off with a proper baby sitter. Let’s take a look at why.

Less strain

Family and friends are great, but because they’re family and friends, there can be strain if they don’t act like the baby sitter that you want them to be. For example, perhaps you want your child to be put to bed at a certain time. If you have a baby sitter that is separate from the rest of your life and brought into do the job, it will be easier for them to exercise their authority, whereas with a family or friend, they’ll perhaps be less strict or easily influenced, because they want to be nice. This could be the case for a range of issues, such as what you want your child eating or watching on TV.

The last thing you want is for strain to build up between you and your family member or friend, so getting a proper babysitter from Los Angeles will take that stress away, and ensure that your child or children is getting the care that you want them to get. Think of it as a business transaction. A paid babysitter will be keen to follow your specific instructions otherwise it’s unlikely that you’d hire them again, and it’s nice to know that this way you can maintain your authority in the house while still enjoying a much-needed break.

Furthermore, when you come home at the end of your evening, it’s fair from your angle to just want the evening to be over. If you have an actual baby sitter, then you can simply pay them what you owe them and bid them good night, whereas if it’s family or a friend, they may want to stay and chat, meaning you feel compelled to, and so on and so forth.

Additionally with family and friends, it’s unlikely that you’ll be charging them for their time, which could leave you feeling indebted to them in a certain way, creating a guilt complex. However, as we touched on with the business transaction aspect of babysitting, hiring a proper babysitter results in an amicable agreement for both parties.

Extra safety

While your friend or family member is sure to mean well, you cannot guarantee that they are qualified to look after your baby in the event that something goes wrong. However, a paid babysitter in Los Angeles that you hire will be fully equipped and knowledgeable as to what to do in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

Consider this: it’s highly unlikely, but say First Aid needs administering or an Epi-Pen. Even you may not be exactly sure of what you’re doing, so the odds that your family or friend knows what they’re doing is probably pretty slim. But if you go out and hire a professional babysitter, you’ll know exactly what their qualifications are beforehand, and whether they are good enough to give your baby the appropriate care should they need to. A paid babysitter in Los Angeles is trained in looking after babies, so when you frame it this way, there’s no safer form of care for you to give your baby while you go out and enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening.

Full flexibility

Talking of mornings, afternoons and evenings, hiring a babysitter grants you total flexibility over your day. If you’re reliant on family and friends, then the chances are that you’ll have to work around their schedule as much as they have to work around yours – and since your life is probably stressful enough as it is, this isn’t going to be much fun.

New authority for your children

If your child is young – perhaps before schooling age – then the chances are that the only authority figures they have in their lives are their parents. Obviously, this isn’t going to be the case forever once they move onto schooling and other ventures, so by exposing them to authority such as a baby sitter in Los Angeles from an early age is an awesome way to help them grow as a person.

Moreover, having a new adult figure in your child’s life will give them some new perspective, as they’ll be able to offer different insights and activities that you maybe haven’t thought of. As well as a baby sitter being new authority for your kid, it can also be a really enjoyable experience for them too.

Looking after yourself

Perhaps your reasoning for getting a baby sitter is more of a personal one than a joint one (such as date night). Maybe you’re looking to reassert control of your life by going to the gym or fulfilling other passions. It’s important not to feel guilty about putting your interests first once in a while, and by getting a baby sitter, you can ensure that your child is still being appropriately looked after, while you can get on with life and achieve your ambitions.


This guide on babysitters in Los Angeles will hopefully have given you more clarity about the best way to get care for your baby when you want to take some time off. As you can see, the small cost that comes with getting a babysitter comes with many benefits that you may not have considered at first, including less stress, extra safety and additional flexibility.